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Zapper is a free QR scanner that does everything you'd expect, and a whole lot more.

Hello. We're Zapper.

Zapper is a free QR scanner that does everything you'd expect, and a whole lot more.

Our Team

The team at Zapper unites business and technology professionals with a wealth of experience in both payments and mobile app development.

Zapper developers have a proven track record in delivering world-class mobile apps for millions of users around the globe and across multiple platforms and languages.

The Zapper vision is to provide a simple and satisfying user experience that is convenient and valuable for both businesses and their customers.

How Zapper Works?

With Zapper you can pay bills in a matter of seconds and quickly log in and sign up to websites, without using a keyboard.

Register and Login with Zapper

Effortless eCommerce

When you come across a Zapper QR Code at a website, scan the code and Zapper signs you up or logs you in, without requesting your username or password. It takes seconds from start to finish, and you don't need to type a thing. For online payments the process is the same. It's secure, fast and really easy.

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Pay Bills with Zapper

Easy Payments

When you find a Zapper QR Code on your bill, scan it with Zapper and confirm the amount to be paid. Your payment card details are stored on your phone using secure encryption. Whether you're paying for a meal in a restaurant, a bill at home or paying for a taxi, the experience is the same. Quick. Simple. Secure.

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Download the Zapper App today!

Download the app

Start to enjoy the benefits of having Zapper on your smartphone right away. Download the Zapper app and don't forget to complete your user account!

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