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Mobile Payments, Mobile Marketing and Loyalty

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Mobile Payments, Mobile Marketing and Loyalty

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Zapper is already in thousands of restaurants and integrated into dozens of quality ePOS systems. We have worked hard to ensure integrating with Zapper is as quick and simple as possible.

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You've worked hard to produce and market a great ePOS solution for restaurants. By integrating Zapper into your ePOS, your restaurants will instantly be able to accept mobile payments and benefit from Zapper's full-featured mobile marketing and loyalty solution. With Zapper inside, your customers will value your ePOS solution even more and stay loyal for longer.

Partner Incentives

At Zapper we believe in win-win. We know that part of our success is thanks to partnering with some great companies. We also know that partnerships need to be shaped by what works for both parties. Get in touch today to discuss how best to work together.

We have integrated with many POS systems including those listed below

  • Squirrel Systems
  • Tevalis
  • Gaap
  • Gastrofix
  • ICR Touch
  • iKentoo
  • Revel
  • Pilot
  • SalesVu
  • Arms FNB
  • MyPOS
  • Pluto
  • Intelligent Business Systems
  • 3S POS
  • Ancon
  • Atronic
  • unTill
  • Acorn
  • ePosNow
  • datasym
  • maitred
  • ucsts
  • Image Retail Solutions
  • MHouse Solutions
  • EDGE PoS
  • TLM Technologies
  • Reposs
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