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Zapper for Taxis

Zapper for Taxis

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Quick. Simple. Secure.

Technology is moving quickly and it seems that everyone is starting to use easier, cheaper and faster ways to get things done. Why should paying your cab fare be any different?

Quick and easy alternative

Quick and easy alternative

Sometimes your passengers may have cash, but end up a bit short, and waste time searching and queuing for a cash machine. Other customers may even be shocked by the surcharges levied by some payment processing firms. Don't let your passengers get stuck in a bind, use Zapper for a quick and easy alternative.

Easy to scan Zapper QR Code in your taxi

How does it work?

When you sign up we install a free QR code in your Cabin. During the journey, your passenger can join hundreds of thousands of existing Zapper users by downloading our free Zapper app onto their smartphone - if they don't have it already.

Simply point camera at QR

Simple & Secure

Your passenger simply opens the app, points their camera at the QR code - which scans automatically - and enters the fare, plus any tip. Our fully secure and encrypted payment processing system then does the rest.

Receive an immediate notifications

Both the passenger and driver receive an immediate notification once the payment has been authorised, and the transaction is then complete.

Fast, simple and secure payments in taxis

Fast. Simple. Secure.

Zapper can save you and your passengers' time and money, and is a fantastic method for managing your fleets.

Benefits for the Passenger

Zapper gives passengers a whole new payment experience:

Payment in seconds, exceptionally convenient, low cost, greater security, in-app vouchers, digital printable receipts.

Zapper dashboard for smart insights

Smart Insights

Zapper includes an online dashboard and CRM. This allows you to select the services you need, monitor activity and reconcile payments. You'll have a crystal clear insight into everything that's going on. We will also keep you 100% up-to-date with all the latest information on new products and additional services.

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